Thursday, May 15, 2014

“Who am I?”                
It’s such a vast speculation. I learn something new about myself every day that it has an ever expanding answer for me. I don’t think that I will ever be able to understand who I am. However I believe that one’s personality and character partly defines who one is. Therefore here is a gist of how I am. I am an erratic person so even I don’t know what my mood will be in the next minute. But what remains the same is my love for animals and nature. They help me calm down when I am angry and can make me happy when I am sad. I think it’s probably because they stay as they are (natural). They don’t pretend or change, they seem happy with what they have. They take me to another world where my worries or problems are void. 

When I think about what type of person I am, I get the sense that I am a medium kind of person in any field. I am not included in the best nor am I included in the worst but I guess that’s how everybody feels. I think most people find me unsociable as mostly I am never seen out of my room except to attend classes. However this has changed for the better after taking up Media Studies here in Sherubtse. The course demands for us to be outgoing and confident. Now I can talk with people whom I could not before. When I first arrived here (first semester) I used to have extreme fear before presentations like I was on the edge of a ‘walk the plank.’ Even though only few months have passed and I am only in the second semester, now I can present without fear and can ask questions without hesitations (the only problem is that I can’t think of any questions. J