Thursday, April 2, 2015

The other side.Wangmo walked down the snowy path staring up at the t­ree shadows against the dark sky. She wished for her friends and family. Normally she was not scared of anything but just that morning she heard that a person died. Some said it was a boy and some a girl. She did not know why but that news made her uneasy. She felt she had to know who that person is.She quickened her pace, her eyes searching for the unseen. Her eyes locked on a single figure on the road ahead. Reciting her prayers she walked on. The boy looked back and seeing her, smiled. He was a boy she knew in school.‘His name was Wangda, I think’ she murmured to herself.   “Hey, Wangmo, where are you going these late at night.”“Oh… I am just headed home. I went to my aunt’s house but she was not there.”“I am headed home too. I can accompany you if you want.”“Thanks a lot Wangda I was beginning to get scared after what I heard today.”“You mean about the person who was run over by a truck in Babesa.”“Yes. I heard the person was killed right in front of my aunt’s house.”“Did you see anything?”“No. By the time I reached there, everyone was gone.” “I heard the person was a class twelve student.” Said Wangda, leaning closer.“Oh! I just hope the family is okay.”“I hope that too.”Wangmo looked ahead to find themselves right in front of her house.“It was nice talking to you, Wangmo.  I wish I had known you better.” Said Wangda turning to leave.“Do you want to come in?” asked Wangmo.“No. It’s okay. I think you already have a lot of guests.” He said indicating to her house.She looked to see many people coming and entering her normally quiet house. Her aunt was also there. ‘So she was here.’ She thought.“Thank you for the company Wangda. Goodnight!”“Goodnight!” he said jogging down the road.‘What is going on here?’ she thought as she went through the throng smiling. On top of the door in big letters were the words, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. Suddenly she realized that it was her birthday. She had completely forgotten about it but her parents hadn’t. For every birth she wished for them to be her parents. She opened the door, finally feeling warm and protected. She went inside calling “Mom…. Dad. Are you trying to throw a surprise party for me?”She saw her father, as cold and blank as a statue. She found her mother next to him surrounded by their neighbors and relatives. She was in tears, silently sitting beside Wangmo’s body.